14 Fool-Proof Signs You Really Hate People

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Eurgh, we really hate people. Why are there so many of them? Why can’t they just all be replaced by little furry animals?

Find yourself nodding in agreement? It’s possible that you might just hate people too.

1. It’s not that you hate everyone. You just really, really can’t stand 99% of the people in your general vicinity.

You don't hate people, you just want to poison them all. And that's cool.

At least, that’s what you keep telling yourself.

2. You find yourself wearing headphones whenever you’re out in the hope it’ll block out the stupid people

Can't you tell I hate people by the fact I have INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH HEADPHONES on?

3. …but it never works. There’s always someone trying to spark up a pointless conversation.

I don't care, I hate people, go away.

No, I really don’t care about your kids, your night out or your ingrown toenail. Stop talking to me.

4. It’s a constant struggle to stop yourself rolling your eyes at every person you come into contact with

When you hate people, eyerolling becomes your go-to facial expression

5. But you’re not afraid to make your feelings known when you’re pissed off with anyone.

Hate people? Wave goodbye to them. You don't need those idiots in your life.


6. For you, peace and quiet away from people = the Holy Grail of life

Oh god, I really hate people.

7. …but sometimes there’s just no escaping some idiots

When you hate people, Facebook can be a real pain in the backside

8. …which is why you MUCH prefer animals.

Just because you hate people, doesn't mean you can't find something to love, right?

They’re cute, cuddly, and they’re not people.

9. You completely agree with this statement

Hate the earth, love the sky.

10. And you think Grumpy Cat could be your spirit animal…

Do you hate people more than Grumpy Cat?

11. …but then being an octopus could also have its advantages.

When you hate people, it's ever so tempting to just slap them. Repeatedly.

12. You try to avoid cities as much as possible…

Cities are the actual worst when you hate people

…and totally appreciate a good park. Or field. Or just anywhere without humans.

13. You’re perfectly cool with spending time by yourself…

When you hate people, the thought of staying in and doing nothing sounds like BLISS.

…but you’re not a complete loner. You just choose who you hang out with very carefully – because life’s too short to hang out with intolerable divs.

14. And occasionally, just occasionally, you’ll find that one special human who hates people just as much as you do.

Hate people? That blissful feeling when you find someone who agrees with you

Cue the best friendship ever. Well, as long as you can stand each other, that is.


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