The New #15SecondShakespeare Challenge is Hilarious

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Unless you were living under a rock last summer, you probably saw the #IceBucketChallenge challenge go viral across social media. In fact, you more than likely did it yourself. At one point it seemed our Facebook feeds were completely full of the videos – although, to be fair, we didn’t mind seeing some of them…

We did enjoy the Ice Bucket Challenge...but the #15SecondShakespeare one sounds like it could be even better.
Thank you, Tom Hiddleston. We are blessed.

That particular campaign was blooming successful. Not only did it help raise the profile of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), it also raised $100 million for the charity. No wonder other charities are trying to emulate its success…

The #15SecondShakespeare Challenge

Cue the #15SecondShakespeare challenge. If the thought of Shakespeare makes you break out into a GCSE-reminiscent sweat, don’t fret (ha, it rhymes). This is one Shakespeare challenge we could definitely get behind.

The challenge involves people recording themselves dramatically reciting pop lyrics as if they were in a Shakespeare play. And the results so far are pretty darn hilarious.

Although we think Minnie Driver probably wins with this dramatic rendition of Kanye’s Gold Digger. So many feelings.

But then again you’ve got Line of Duty star Mark Bonnar’s epic rendition of Gangham Style (with bonus points for the props).

It’s clear that the celebs are having a field day getting into full on thespian mode. But lesser actor types and lowly mortals are already starting to get in the act. It’s thought that the trend was started by actor David Fynn (from Undateable and The Inbetweeners) as a bit of fun. But now it’s beginning to gain momentum, the hashtag is now being used to raise money for the British Red Cross European Refugee Crisis Appeal.

We can’t wait to see which other celebrities take part in the next few weeks. Here’s hoping one of them recites Lou Bega. Ooh, or some Aqua!

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