Yay For Youth! 20 Amazing Things About Your 20s

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Ahhh your twenties. What a wonderful time in life. You have the energy of a teenager and you’re just about getting to grips with some of the responsibilities of adulthood. Of course, whether you embrace these is another story.

Great things about your 20s: Jennifer Lawrence is just one of the 20-something stars rocking it
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Researchers in Australia have recently reported that your early twenties are the happiest time in your life, with this tailing off in the mid-twenties and picking back up again at 65. Lovely and depressing stuff.

Let’s take a look at the great things about your 20s that make it the best of your life:

1. You start to get a taste for the finer things in life

For some mystical, unknown reason, things that you hated when you were younger suddenly become the most delicious yummy thing in the whole world. Olives, anyone?

2. Lack of responsibility

Yeah sure, you’ve got a job now and don’t have the luxury of getting paid a student loan for watching Netflix in bed. But you’re just at the beginning of your career and it’s the best. No worries about big important meetings. You can even get away with coming into work hungover still. WIN.

3. Parents are still willing to help you out

What’s that? Cake and cheese in the fridge? ‘Yes dear, take it home with you if you like’. THANKS MOM. Ahh, definitely one of the great things about your 20s.

A full fridge for free. Definitely one of the great things about your 20s.

4. Most of your friends aren’t in serious relationships

You’ve still got your clique. Your homies. Your gals. Your lads. You do everything together. And you’re unstoppable.

5. You can still go to clubs

Banging night out? You’re totally up for it because you’ll still fit in with those fresh-faced teens.

6. You probably look the best you ever have and ever will

Wow, that sounds depressing, but honestly it’s not. People say that you ‘bloom’ in your twenties and they’re right! Acne is a thing of a past and you’ve now got money to spend on nice haircuts instead of getting your neighbour’s cousin’s sister-in-law to do it for you on the cheap.

7. On that note, people still think you’re way younger than you are

Cashier: ‘Have you got any ID love?’ You: ‘Ugh, but I’m twenty six!’. You act like you hate it. But secretly you love it.

Great things about your 20s: getting ID'd and mclovin it.
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8. You still get to use a Young Person’s Railcard

Well, for half of your twenties anyway. You lap up that 1/3 off rail fare with pride and your smugness knows no bounds*. You save so much that it feels like you’re actually making money. Mwahahaha.

9. And you still qualify for the under’s category in X Factor

*Refer to last point for smugness.

10. It’s okay for you to use Tinder

One of the great things about your 20s is that it’s considered alright for you to be signed up to Tinder. After all, it’s better to be the cool young person than the creepy old one. I’d say make the most of it while you can, but that’s probably terrible advice.

11. You can experiment with your look

There’s no one around to tell you those blonde highlights you’ve been thinking about getting are a terrible idea, so you go right ahead and do them yourself. Just because you can. And they look GREAT.

12. Hangovers are bad, but bearable

You early-to-mid-twenty boys and gals can still go hard instead of going home. Sure you’ll wake up with a pounding headache and maybe do a little sick, but after a greasy breakfast you’ll be ready for round two.

 Great things about your 20s: what hangover?
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13. People approve of your decisions

A twenty-eight year old saying ‘I’m going to get another bottle of wine’ sounds a lot more sensible than an eighteen year old saying ‘I’m going to get another bottle of wine’. People are okay with what you decide to do, usually without question.

14. You can go wherever you want, whenever you want

And you still sort of feel like you shouldn’t be allowed to because really you’re still a big kid. But you’re FREEEEEE! Travelling for a few months? Yeah, why not!

15. You still have a pretty fast metabolism

You eat a LOT, yet you don’t seem to put on any weight. ‘How do you stay so skinny?’ is a daily question. You shrug and get back to your chip butty.

16. You can still go on 18-30 holidays

Grab your speedos and your glowsticks and get raving.

17. Early seasons of Friends are more relatable

This is one of the great things about your 20s that no one ever tells you about. You can totally understand why Ross took Marcel the monkey to Monica’s New Year’s Eve party because you’re the same age. And it’s the only logical thing to do when you don’t have a date.

Great things about your 20s: getting Ross. Like really getting him.
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18. You’re still in Radio 1’s target age range

Hurrah! You’ll be able to enjoy popular tunes until you turn 30. And then you’ll have to switch over to Radio 2. Or Magic.

19. Some football players are still older than you

There’s still hope that you’ll become the new Lionel Messi because you’re just young enough to still be talent-scouted.

20. Drinking is now legal wherever you are in the world

The entire globe now deems you responsible to consume alcohol. Congratulations! You’ve successfully made it into adulthood.


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