30 Skills You Wish You Learnt in School

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School feels like such a long time ago. I can barely remember any of it. I mean, aside from the hair gel, bum-fluff and absolutely awful taste in music. Anyway, I feel like the older I get the more I realise that there were some key skills that I failed to pick up in my 6 years in high school. And two years in college. And three years in university.

Damn. So thanks to a new study, which was conducted by Able Skills, I’m able to track down which of the key skills I probably need to have to be a fully functioning adult. Their study interviewed people to figure out the 30 things they wished they’d learnt in school. Obviously a large proportion of the respondents focused on having the skills they need to manage their budget – so not spending it on shots named after sexual positions and kebabs – and understanding larger fiscal commitments like insurance. Keep reading to finding out the 30 skills you wish you learnt in school.

30 skills you wish you learnt in school

So take a look at the list and then crumble into your own arms when you realise what a failure of an adult you are.

30 Skills You Wish You Learnt in School

1. How to budget

2. The importance of insurance

3. How loans work

4. How to wire a plug

5. How to take out a pension

6. How to drive

7. How to buy a house

8. How to put up a shelf

9. How to open a bank account

10. How to plaster a wall

11. How to change a car tyre

12. How to turn the water off in the house

13. Things to look for when buying a second hand car

14. How to change the taps

15. How to lay a carpet

16. How to tile a room

17. How to cook a Sunday roast

18. How to jump start a car

19. How to unblock a toilet

20. How to strip wallpaper without damaging the wall

21. How to assemble flat pack furniture

22. How to bring up a baby

23. How to unblock a plug

24. How to grout

25. How to use a drill

26. How to read an electric/gas meter

27. How to fix a bike

28. How to put up a fence

29. How to build a wall

30. How to change a lightbulb

30 things you wish you learnt in school

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