5 Celebrities Who Have Aged Amazingly Well

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Whether they’re moisturizing with dolphin saliva or just have good genetics, some entertainers have definitely aged better than others. Here are five celebrities who still look amazing into their 60s – and beyond:

5. Bruce Springsteen – Born September 23, 1949


He’ll be turning 67 in 2015, but “The Boss” continues to look great while still rocking big crowds. He’s been honored by AARP and still looks fit and handsome as he heads toward 70. New Jersey’s own is far from retiring, through, proving that the 60s are the new 40s. Bruce says he has no specific health or anti-aging regimen; however, staying involved with rock n’ roll most likely helps.

4. Jane Fonda – Born December 21, 1937

Janes Fonda

Despite controversial politics at times, Jane is still an icon. She’s also still turning heads, wowing the crowd every time she makes an appearance at the Academy Awards. She stays fit and admits to a bit of plastic surgery, but praises the support of her women friends as a factor in keeping her young. She also eats nutritiously and strives to “feel good in her own skin” while appreciating love in her life. She continues to dazzle as she approaches 80 years old.

3. Diane Sawyer – Born December 22, 1945


Diane Sawyer turns 70 in 2015, but you’d never guess it. A fixture on ABC’s World News Tonight for years and one of the most accomplished women journalists in the U.S., Sawyer still looks amazing. She once worked in the Nixon administration and was the first female correspondent for “60 Minutes.” She went on to anchor “Primetime Live” and “Good Morning America,” winning the coveted Peabody award and numerous others. Sawyer admits to no plastic surgery or specific beauty regimen; however, having good genes and good makeup artists probably helps.

2. Sean Connery – Born August 25, 1930 (age 84)


Now in this mid-80s, the legendary Sean Connery is still making the ladies’ hearts flutter. He is best known for the James Bond role in no less than seven Bond films from the 1960s to the 1980s. Connery won an Oscar in 1988 for his supporting role in “The Untouchables” and has also won three Golden Globes. Connery was dubbed “sexiest man of the century” in 1999 by People magazine at age 69, and he continues to age well. Connery credits his good health and continued handsomeness to regular swims.

1. Christie Brinkley – Born February 2, 1954 (age 61)


After recently entering her 60s, Christie Brinkley is more beautiful than many women who are much younger. The stunning blonde first dazzled us on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover (three consecutive times, no less). She went on to play small acting roles like Chevy Chase’s fantasy girl in the National Lampoon’s Vacation movies. How does she look so great over 60? Brinkley’s been vegetarian for her entire adult life and has three healthy meals a day. She exercises regularly and has admitted that “modern technology” and “special facials” also help.

Aging is inevitable, but some people seem to do it better than others. While the existence of a magic formula or Fountain of Youth is debatable, these five celebrities are sure doing something right.