5 Male Celebrities In Their 50s Who’ve Still Got It

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The Hollywood spotlight can be a harsh glare, judging every wrinkle or “imperfection” that arises with the passage of time. However, these guys are managing to retain their hunkiness into their fifth decade:

1. George Clooney – Born May 6, 1961


Heartthrob George Clooney has been in the spotlight for decades in TV shows like “The Facts of Life,” “Roseanne,” “Sisters” and “E.R.” Since then, Clooney has conquered Hollywood with films like “From Dusk Till Dawn,” “Batman & Robin,” One Fine Day,” The “Ocean’s Eleven” franchise, “Gravity,” and many more. Through it all, he still looks amazing well into his 50s. (Sorry, ladies; he married Amal Alamuddin in 2014.)

2. Rob Lowe – Born March 17, 1964  

Golden Globes Nominations

This former “Brat Pack” member came of age in the 1980s hit movie “The Outsiders” along with Matt Dillon, Patrick Swayze and Tom Cruise. Despite a scandal with some young ladies in 1988, Lowe has redeemed himself since then and is demonstrating staying power. The “Wayne’s World” movies offered him a comeback opportunity, and since then has had roles in “The West Wing,” “Parks and Recreation,” “Killing Kennedy,” and more. In his 50s, Rob Lowe still looks amazing, and his dedication and devotion to his long-time wife Sheryl makes him even more dreamy.

3. Tom Cruise – Born July 3, 1962


Tom Cruise has been in too many films to name, starting with “The Lost Boys” and “Risky Business” and continuing with “Interview with the Vampire,” “Jerry Maguire,” The “Mission Impossible” movies, “Jack Reacher,” “Edge of Tomorrow,” and many, many more. Cruise is still a box office draw and looks great onscreen in his 50s.

4. Brad Pitt – Born December 18, 1963  


Brad Pitt dazzled audiences as a hitchhiker in the film “Thelma & Louise” and has been making hearts flutter ever since. He’s starred in “Interview with the Vampire,” “Fight Club,” “12 Monkeys,” the “Ocean’s Eleven” movies, and many more. He’s received numerous awards and nominations as well as the “sexiest man alive” title given out by People magazine. After marrying Angelina Jolie, he became half of one of Hollywood’s most royal couples. In his 50s, Brad Pitt still sizzles onscreen.

5. Johnny Depp – Born June 9, 1963  


It’s very hard to believe Johnny Depp is in his 50s now, but… well, he is! He’s definitely doing something right, through, because he looks much younger. From his television start in “21 Jump Street” to movie roles in “Blow,” “The Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise, “The Tourist,” “Transcendence,” and more, Depp’s good looks continue to be a box office draw. He’s won the People magazine “sexiest man alive” title twice, and many would probably nominate him again.

To be sure, men are judged far less harshly than women for getting older. In many cases, they are seen as even more distinguished and attractive. That said, it can’t be denied that these handsome Hollywood men in their 50s have still “got it.”