5 Signs That The Kardashians Might Be in The Illuminati

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The Illuminati are a shadowy organisation that may or may not still exist. They have been linked to the Bilderberg group, an annual meeting of the world’s elite during which some speculate that an Orwellian “new world order” plan is fine-tuned. The Illuminati would need puppets to distract us while they create their plans, and some say The Kardashians are the group’s go-to distraction right now. While we can’t say for sure, here are some signs that the Kards just might be a part of the Illuminati:

1. Those Creepy Christmas Cards

The Kardashians take a family photo each year, but 2013’s was over the top. It seems to be brimming with controversial imagery, including the all-seeing-eye of Horus, dismembered mannequins, garbage, Illuminati pyramids and run-down entertainment industry elements. While this proves nothing, it’s still way-creepy.

2. All That Black and White


Yes, black is a fashionable colour, and pairing it with white is fun, too. However, the prevalence of the checkerboard floor pattern in Kardashian homes and imagery is noteworthy. This configuration is often associated with Freemasonry and is the floor pattern of choice in Masonic lodges. The Freemasons are a group that were rumored to be a front group for the Illuminati, and they may still be. Notice that Kris has decked out her house in these patterns and pretty much only wears black and white clothing. Of course, she may just be partial to black and white, but some speculate that the Kards or at least Kris has been to a Masonic meeting or two.

3. Strange, Untimely Deaths


It’s rumoured that the Illuminati – if it exists – might dabble in things like the occult and curses to push their agenda. Scott Disick’s parents died within a few months of each other, and while both had medical issues, Scott’s father’s cause of death was vague at best. More recently, after refusing an offer to come back into the fold, Lamar Odom experienced the death of two of his closest friends from drug overdoses within days of each other. Coincidence, or Kardashian kurse?

4. Kim and Kanye: Illuminati Royalty?


There’s been speculation about Kimye’s connection as well, with some wondering if it’s a relationship “just for show” like her marriage to Chris Humphries seemed to be. Kanye calls himself Yeezus and has been depicted as the Christ figure in numerous photo shoots, which could be construed as blasphemous.

5. Miscellaneous Weirdness


Kourtney named her first-born son Mason, which may or may not be a nod to the Freemasons. Kendall got a horned temporary tattoo on her finger awhile back, which may or may not have been a nod to the Baphomet, a primary Satanic symbol.

Is this article connecting dots that shouldn’t be connected? Probably! However, when you’re America’s most famous and talked-about family, you’re bound to inspire speculation on a number of fronts. Despite our curiosity, we hope that everything’s legit and that the Kardashians are here for our entertainment only!

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