50 Cent Is Celebrating Not Being Broke, World Is Confused

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Yes, he may have lost a $5 million lawsuit for publishing a sex tape of Rick Ross’ ex-girlfriend without her permission, and yes the value of his Connecticut mansion may have been cut by a staggering $10 million…but that doesn’t mean a thing to Fiddy, OH NO.

The rapper is out to prove that he’s back to his cash splashing antics. You’re so cool Fifty. What he may have lacked in money, he’s now trying to make up for with, err, money. Solid plan, there.

Yesterday, he posted this absolute corker on his Instagram page.


But hang on. How is he suddenly able to cover his legs in piles of money? Some would argue who cares when it’s this funny, but the hard-working tax-paying in citizen in me can’t help but wonder…how did he go from having nothing, to using dollar bills as a bed spread? Um, 50 Cent is bankrupt isn’t he?

Maybe it’s because he’s currently suing his former lawyers for doing a terrible job in a legal battle in a failed venture with Sleek Audio. He’s trying to get $75 million after they gave him bad advice when setting up a his own headphone company. Could this just be a horribly over-confident, premature way to celebrate his victory, which probably isn’t even going to happen?

50 Cent is bankrupt, no?

I just don’t get it. Did he print it himself? Did he borrow it from his mum? Did he take it out of his Monopoly set?

Those eyes look guilty of something…

I guess that Fiddy’s never been one to accept the prospect of financial failure. He still continues to insist that filing for bankruptcy was a purely strategic move. And he likes to post pictures of himself wearing gold chains whilst drinking expensive vodka whilst sitting on a golden throne.

Chi-Town KOD's was Lit,Dat Drill music hitting. #EFFENVODKA #FRIGO #SMSAUDIO

A photo posted by 50 Cent (@50cent) on

And one’s of him with his money sandwich. Because that’s what he eats. Maybe that’s the real reason he went bankrupt. Not because of the lawsuits. But because of his severe money sandwich addiction. He’s even trying to toast it for chrissake.

50 Cent is bankrupt, but 50 Cent doesn't care
Credit: gq

Then there’s this one, where he’s obviously just a bit chilly and needed to keep his arms warm. ‘Oh maaan, I don’t have a jumper, all I have is all of this money. Shame’.

50 Cent is bankrupt, yet using dollars as a jumper. Riiight.
Credit: 1st2no.com

Seriously, where has it all come from?

Well, we can only sit and wait. And refresh our Instagram feeds in the hope of finding the answer spelled out in dollar bills on 50’s Insta.


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