6 Autumn Travel Destinations You Need to Visit

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Autumn needn’t be a time for lamenting the end of summer. After all, as September swings round, the world opens up new opportunities for autumn travel. Fewer tourists, colourful landscapes and tolerable climates? Yeah, don’t mind if we do.

To celebrate the arrival of our favourite season, we’ve put together this list of autumn travel destinations we reckon should be on every travel-lover’s list. Why not treat yourself to a holiday? Better yet, take us with you, thanks.


While many flock to Kyoto for the spring cherry blossoms, don’t miss the opportunity to see the colourful autumnal leaves in Japan. Beginning in the northern island of Hokkaido in mid-September and moving southwards, the ‘koyo’ (autumn leaf) season continues into early December, with trees around Tokyo and Kyoto still offering a kaleidoscope of colours.

Autumn travel: Japan's koyo season has tourists flocking to the country every Autumn
Credit: ajtravel.com.au


Let’s face it: with its gorgeous beaches and shedload of history Mexico is a good idea no matter what the season, but in Autumn the country really comes to life with the Day of the Dead festival. Running from 31 October to 2 November, Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday celebrated throughout the country. The holiday revolves around family and friends gathering to pray for those who have died in a bid to help support their spiritual journey.

Sounds a little morbid? It’s really quite the opposite, as people share anecdotes about the departed, decorate their graves and take part in colourful parades through the streets. Sounds much better than staying at home to be harassed by trick-or-treaters, right?

Autumn travel: Day of the Dead is a festival celebrated all across Mexico every November
Credit: wecb-news.com

New England

There’s a reason why everyone tells you to go to New England in autumn – you’re treated to gorgeous views like these. As well as stunning displays of colourful foliage, the climate is just right for country walks. Head to Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont before the colours peak around mid-October; in the more southern states such as Massachusetts and Rhode Island you’ve got up until November.

Autumn travel: New England shines with its various colours

Loire Valley

While autumn in France’s Loire Valley is recommended because of its idyllic climate, we think it might have something more to do with the fact that there aren’t as many as tourists. Fewer tourists in the valley’s famous vineyards = more wine for all of us. Get booking your trip now.

Autumn travel: Loire Valley in France. Not pictured – SO MANY VINEYARDS.


Norway, Iceland, Finland, Sweden – just head anywhere in Scandinavia. Well, the more north you go the better, as you’ll have even more chance of seeing the Northern Lights. The chance to see the Aurora Borealis light up the night sky begins in September and continues until March.

Autumn travel: Head to Scandinavia for your chance to see the Northern Lights

Peak District

While we would recommend packing your rain-mac and wellies, there really is no better time to visit the Peak District, sandwiched between Manchester, Sheffield and Nottingham. Crisp mornings won’t be something you dread waking up to when you see golden views like this:

Autumn travel: Sunrise Mam Tor in Peak District
Credit: Rough Guides

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