6 Tips for Throwing the Best Summer Parties

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When summertime comes around, it’s time to roll out the outdoor rugs and patio furniture. And while you’re at it, why not fire up the grill? Regardless of your summertime plans, you should always do your best to squeeze in a few parties for you and your loved ones and closest friends. Everyone loves getting together, eating grilled food, and sipping on cold beverages, so why not host a few parties this summer at your house? Here’s a quick look at six tips you can follow to make sure you throw the best summertime parties.

1) Send Digital and Postal Invitations


If you want everyone to come to your party, you have to make sure everyone knows about it. And as odd as it may seem, you probably have a friend or two that doesn’t use social media or email, and this is why you should make sure to send out both digital and postal invitations.

2) Start Drinking Early


About 30 minutes to an hour before the party is supposed to start, why not throw back a couple shots of your favorite liquor? When guests come to your house, they don’t want to be greeted by a host that seems rushed and stressed. By taking a couple shots off your favorite drink, though, you’re much more likely to answer the door with a smile on your face, which is sure to put everyone in a good mood.

3) Serve Plenty of Cold Foods


Sure, firing up the grill is great, and everyone knows a hamburger always taste better straight off the grill, but do you really want to slave over a hot grill during your summertime party? Probably not, and this is exactly why you should serve plenty of cold foods. This includes sandwiches, blue cheese-stuffed shrimp, and pastrami asparagus roll-ups. All of these cold foods are sure to delight your guests’ taste buds.

4) Spice Up the Charcoal


If you insist on using the grill during your party, there are plenty of herbs and spices that you can scent the charcoals with. Rosemary and thyme on your charcoals will give your meats and veggies a delectable smoky spin.

5) Create Conversations Zones

Young adult friends having fun at barbeque
Young adult friends having fun at barbeque

Whether it be a party with all of your family or an office get-together, there should be plenty of conversation zones set up. This involves setting up areas with tables and chairs but making sure that some of them are spaced apart from one another. This way everyone has enough room and space to hold a conversation without being overheard by everyone else.

6) Set Up Plenty of Lights


There’s a good chance that your party will start out well before the sun goes down, and while partying into the wee hours of the morning will be a blast, you must make sure that the party area is well lit. Many people plan their summertime parties only to find that they overlooked lighting for the nighttime. Putting inexpensive portable solar lights in the ground will serve as a great way to keep the ground well lit.