7 Real People With Superhero Powers

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There’s truly no limit to human potential. The earth is home to people with astounding physical and mental powers fit for the pages of a comic book. Here are seven real life people with superhero powers who give their imaginary counterparts a run for their money:

1. Daniel Browning Smith – (Most Flexible Man Alive)

Real people with superhero powers: Daniel Browning Smith is more flexible than a liquid cat.

DBS has bent over backwards to make his way into our list of real people with superhero powers. (Sorry.) He’s not the leader of the Fantastic Four, but this limber lad holds the Guinness world record for the most flexible man alive. He can bend, twist and rearrange himself in just about any way you can imagine. On one occasion, Smith was able to contort himself into a clump small enough to slip through an unstrung tennis racket.

2. Isao Machii – (Master Swordsman)

Real people with superhero powers: Isao Machii is a real life fruit ninja
Credit: slashgear.com

This super samurai can predict the trajectory of an approaching object with frightening precision and strike it down with his swift katana. He’s even able to cleave plastic BB pellets fired at over 500 ft/s cleanly in two.

3. Ben Underwood – (Human Radar)

Real people with superhero powers: Ben Underwood uses mouth clicks as a makeshift radar

Ben is ridiculously inspiring, and well deserving of a place on our ‘people with superhero powers’ list. After cancer claimed his eyesight, Ben didn’t develop Daredevil’s hearing, but was able to make clicks with his mouth and use them as a makeshift radar. Ben processes the echoes from his clicks to picture his environment and relative distance from objects. His unique ability lets him roller skate and bike around his neighbourhood without issue.

4. Liew Thow Lin – (Human Magnet)

Real people with superhero powers: Liew Thow Lin is a human magnet

Move over Uri Geller. While he can’t repel metal bullets or shoot magnetic waves, at the age of 70 Liew Thow Lin uncovered his gift as a human magnet. He can stick silverware, knives, garden tools, and other metal objects to his body at will.

5. Michel Lotito – (Consumer of Indigestible Objects)

Real people with superhero powers: Michel Lotito would feast on pretty much everything.

During his lifetime, Lotito munched on pretty much everything he could get his hands on. Literally. Rubber tires? Yep. Metal railings? Yep. Pretty much everything that would shatter a normal person’s teeth and cause all sorts of problems if swallowed. Some estimate his intake of strange objects at nearly 10 tonnes. When he passed away in 2007, Lotito had consumed, digested, and passed 18 bicycles, 15 shopping trolleys, and 7 televisions, among dozens of other odds and ends. Did he bite off more than he could chew? Again, sorry. I’ll see myself out.

6. Dean Karnazes – (Ultramarathon Runner)

Real people with superhero powers: Dean Karnazes puts our running efforts to shame.
Credit: running.competitor.com

If you think running a marathon is impressive, wait until you meet this guy. Dean completed 50 full marathons in all 50 U.S. states – in 50 consecutive days. He’s also clocked in 80 hours on a treadmill without breaks. With stamina like that, who needs frequent flyer rewards?

7. Wim Hof – (The Iceman)

People with superhero powers: Wim Hof definitely deserves a mention

Rounding off our article on real-life people with superhero powers is this guy. This captain of cold scaled Mount Everest wearing only a thin pair of shorts and his manliest expression. Factoring in wind chill, temperatures on the icy rock can plummet to a soul-numbing negative 60 degrees Celsius. Perhaps Hof’s heart doubles as a space heater.

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