90s Childhood Hobbies You Wish Were Still Socially Acceptable

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While some things just had to go (goodbye, frosted hair tips and hologram-print everything), there are definitely things that we’re missing from our 90s childhoods. Here are the nine that make us the most sad; if only they were acceptable for adults.

1. Jamming out to boy bands

90s childhood hobbies: N*Sync were the greatest '90s boyband though, right?
Credit: three21creative.com

You know you loved the Backstreet Boys; the question was, did you love “bad boy” A.J. or “pretty boy” Nick? Jamming out to some Backstreet on your Walkman was perfectly acceptable; even if you did sing along out loud. And how about those gush-worthy magazine covers with N*Sync that you and your friends swooned over? Tinder dating profile pics just aren’t the same…

2. Lip gloss weekends

90s childhood hobbies: Actually, these are still available in Claire's Accessories. Anyone up for a trip?
Credit: raininghotcoupons.com

In the golden age of Lip Smackers, going to the shops to acquire new lip gloss was definitely a weekend must-do. Unfortunately, if you tried to explain that to anyone these days they might look at you like you were nuts. Somehow ordering your favourite flavours on Amazon just isn’t as satisfying.

3. Pokemon cards

90s childhood hobbies: Man, if ONLY we were as cool as these two.
Credit: uk.lifestyle.yahoo.com

Yeah, we all pretty much looked like this in the 90s. And it was AWESOME. There was nothing better than spending our days swapping cards, playing with mates, and having mini tantrums to parents that we needed that rare Mew card.

4. Gel pen body art

90s childhood hobbies: Gel pens of all colours and smells were a welcome addition to the classroom
Credit: dailyfeed.co.uk

Bored in class? No problem; as long as you had a veritable arsenal of gel pens! (Especially the smelly ones! Oh my gosh, the smelly ones!) Perfecting the art of drawing on yourself required a dedication which can only truly be achieved during a boring lecture…or maybe an interminable lunch meeting. That would definitely make you more excited about Monday mornings.

5. Classroom notes

90s childhood hobbies: We probably wouldn't get away with doing this in the office, siiigh
Credit: tumblr.mylesbraithwaite.com

Ah the noble and ancient art of note folding. Part origami, part penmanship, all absolutely necessary for getting information where it needed to go. There was definitely a time before e-mail; and that time was most excellent.

6. Swapping magazines

90s childhood hobbies: Magazines were SO much better in the 90s
Credit: imgkid.com

Before Heat magazine, FHM and Daily Mail’s sidebar of shame (or whatever your choice of title is nowadays) there were the greats. I’m talking the likes of Girl Talk, Smash Hits, Mizz, Total! The kinds of magazines we could read in our lunch breaks – and cut out song lyrics and posters for our mates.

7. Virtual pets

90s childhood hobbies: Virtual pets – most normally in the form of tamagotchis – were incredible
Don’t even lie, this was you. | Credit: guff.com

Whatever the faux pet-du-jour was, you absolutely had one. And it definitely died while you were on a family vacation. But you’d totally want one again, because who doesn’t want a pet that won’t wreck the carpet?

8. Scrunchie wearing

90s childhood hobbies: Scrunchies used to be our life. Can we bring them back? Please?
So many scrunchies, so little time. | Credit: cambio.com

On your ponytail, on your wrist, these things were the ultimate fashion accessory. And they never snagged when you took your hair down, even if it was curly! While scrunchies are starting to eek back into fashion, it’s true that it takes a certain kind of adult-shaped head to pull them off…

9. Loudly singing/quoting Disney tunes with your friends

It’s just not the same since Disney’s mostly given up hand-drawn animation. However, good old Frozen has started to make it a bit more acceptable…if we can get away with being mistaken for 3-year-old girls.

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