Actual Things You Experienced at Uni in The Mid-2000s

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I woke up feeling so old this morning. Why do I have to go to work? Why do I need a job? I feel like university didn’t really prepare me for this. I wish I could just be living off my student loan while just lazing around and just being a loser all day. I can’t quite believe it’s been nearly 10 years since I went to university. In order for me to cope with my day, and my life, I’ve decided to recount some of the things I, and fellow mid-2000s uni-goers would’ve experienced. It’s like…living in 2005 for a few minutes.

#1 Watching Hollyoaks All the Time

Hollyoaks was big at Uni In the Mid-2000s

I never understood it, but as soon as I got to university, everyone was obsessed with watching Hollyoaks. Maybe cos it was on TV. Something that’s on TV can’t be that bad can it? Well, not quite. Can’t believe this cesstornado is still going strong to this day. We didn’t love it as much as…

#2 But Actually Loving Neighbours More

Neighbours was the best thing about Uni In the Mid-2000s

Oh my god. Yes. Those 9 hours of actual classes you had each week used to really take their toll on you. So sometimes you’d wake up at 2pm, go to Tesco to raid the reduced section, head back to your dorm or house, sleep a little more and wake up for some Neighbours. The single best show to ever air at 5.30pm.

#3 Karl Kennedy or Toadie Showed Up at Your SU

Karl Kennedy seemed to randomly show up at Uni In the Mid-2000s

And it was the best thing ever. We all came across a Neighbours star at an SU somewhere during the mid-00s. And it was awesome. Admit it.

#4 You Loved Taking Pictures of Such Momentous Occasions With Your Amazing Digital Camera

If you were at Uni In the Mid-2000s you had a cybershot

It was all about that Carl Zeiss lens. It was SO fetch.

#5 You Wouldn’t Dare Risk Your Prized Pink Motorola Razr

If you were at Uni In the Mid-2000s you most probably had a pink motorola razr

Such a good phone. Especially that 1.3mp camera. Feel those megapixels, bish, feel them!

#6 But Somehow The Bad Pics Always Ended Up on Facebook

Uni In the Mid-2000s and bad facebook pics
Credit: My own stupid face

Untag, unfriend, throw the computer out of the window.

#7 You Were Secretly Annoyed That People Were Using Facebook; Especially After You Spent So Long Perfecting Your MySpace Page

Uni In the Mid-2000s and missing your myspace account

Facebook looked so ugly in comparison. And why can’t I play my jams?

#8 Better Than Them Finding Your LiveJournal Page

Going to Uni In the Mid-2000s meant getting rid of LiveJournal

They’ll never know my true feelings. Oh, shit, they’ve found it.

#9 But When They Found It, You Did The Mature Thing and Drank Your Fav New Drink: Southern Comfort

Uni In the Mid-2000s meant drinking a lot of Southern Comfort

You were so fancy. But not really. You just saw someone else drink it, and it looked so grown up and mature.

#10 Till One Day You Drank Too Much, Threw Up, And Now You Can’t Look At The Stuff Again

Uni In the Mid-2000s and drinking too much

#11 But That’s Alright, Your LiveStrong Wristband Will Save You

Livestrong bands were popular at Uni In the Mid-2000s

The more of them you wear, the stronger you are, right? LIVE STRONG!

#12 While You Listen To Your CD Walkman, Jealous About Everyone’s Brick-Like iPods

Cd Walkmans were still big at Uni In the Mid-2000s

Try going for a run with these bad boys. It’s like you’re DJing.

#13 But You Were Listening To Pop Punk, So It’s Fine

I’m okay…?

#14 Until You Got Into Indie Bands

Razorlight were your favourite band if you were at Uni In the Mid-2000s

Don’t go back to Dalston! Don’t go up the junction! We actually rocked the ol’ Johnny Borrell hairdo around 2006. You also listened to Bloc Party, Good Shoes, Larrikin Love, The Cribs, Interpol, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Art Brut, CSS, Animal Collective…Oh god.

#15 And Made Mix CDs For Your Boo

You loved making mix CDs at Uni In the Mid-2000s

#16 Your Bad Taste Didn’t Extend To TV Though (You Loved The OC, T4, Lost, Scrubs, Peep Show!)

I’m not superman. Wooheehooooo.

#17 It Did Extend To Choosing a Bank Account (You Settled For Whichever Gave You a Young Persons Railcard)

young persons railcard

Yes, yes, HSBC. Hook it up good.

#18 But None Of It Lived Up To What You’d Read on The Student Room

The Student Room was important for Uni In the Mid-2000s

We loved TSR so much, though.

#19 But At Least You Weren’t Paying Those Higher Tuition Fees (Next Round of Southern Comforts Is On Me!)

Lost was the best TV show if you were at Uni In the Mid-2000s


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