Adele Without Auto-Tune Is The Most Terrifying Thing Ever

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Adele: the lady of the moment. The North London songstress who’s won hearts with her tear-jerking lyrics and willingness to tell people just how it is. She’s currently setting the music charts alight once more with her latest single ‘Hello’. Plus her eagerly awaited new album ’25’ is set to hit metaphorical shelves across the world next month. Damn we wish we were her right now. She’s incredible.

But Adele fans may want to turn away now. We’ve got our hands on a video of Adele without auto-tune – and it’s seriously terrifying.

Have a listen to Hello with no tech help here:

Adele without auto-tune…did we really just hear that?

Yep, you did. It’s certainly…interesting to say the least. We’re not sure that people would be crying with happiness if they heard that live on stage.

Adele without auto-tune brings a tear to your eye. Not necessarily a good one.

OK, so it’s not real. But in our pre-caffeined/half asleep states this morning we found this hysterical. Possibly a bit too hysterical. We may have been sent home for cracking a rib from laughing too much.

This beauty of a video is the creation of YouTube user Hrachka Ivanovna. Since being uploaded one day ago, it’s already hit over 380,000 views. Expect it to go super viral in the next few days!

Of course, we all know that – auto-tune or not – Adele is an incredible singer. Just have a listen to this live version of her hit song Rolling in the Deep.

Listening to singers without auto-tune is a small guilty pleasure of ours. Who could forget Britney’s Alien without auto-tune? Although we cringe at it, she’s probably still a better singer than us. And she’s definitely got more money than us. Ho hum.

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