5 Santas That Have Restored Our Christmas Spirit

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With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to turn our attention to the untold heroes of the festive period: mall Santas. Not only do they dress-up in a garish Santa suit every year, but they’re also the bastions of Christmas spirit for young children all over the globe.

These adorable Santa stories celebrate those Santas who’ve gone the extra mile.

The Santa Who Chose To Join In On The Nap

sleepy santa

Waiting to meet Santa is bloomin’ exciting. But sometimes, it can be too much for little kids, with many opting to settle down for a little snooze. When little Zeke Walters fell asleep in the queue for the grotto, Santa asked his parents not to wake him. Instead, he posed for this adorable photo with him.

Many have hailed him the perfect mall santa ever. And he definitely encapsulates the adorable Christmas spirit. But if I was the kid, I’d just feel a bit annoyed for missing out on precious Santa time…