Against All Odds: The Luckiest Wins of All Time

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We all like a bet now and again. Whether it be on the horses at Churchill Downs or at the tables in Vegas, we’re normally prepared for the highs and lows that can follow. But there are always surprises to be had. We present you with a few examples of the luckiest wins of all time.

Formula For Success in F1

luckiest wins of all time including this one from lewis hamilton

Lewis Hamilton first won the F1 Championship in 2008 with McLaren. It was not that much of a surprise, as his star had been rising steadily.

However, one fan of the F1 driver had spotted Hamilton’s talent ten years before the rest of us, when he raced go-karts against his son, Evan.

He put his money where his mouth is.

In 1998, long before Hamilton had been crowned champion, he placed a £200 bet at odds of 200-1 on Hamilton winning a Formula One race by the time he was 23, which he achieved aged just 22. Mr Hopkins won £40,000.

At the same time he placed a £100 bet at 500-1 odds that Hamilton would be F1 champion by the age of 25. So when Hamilton won the F1 crown in the dying seconds of a thrilling Brazilian Grand Prix in 2008, Mr Hopkins claimed a further £50,000.

So confident was his belief that Hamilton would be a world beater, he took a third bet – that Hamilton would achieve both. His £50 bet at 1,500-1 netted him a further £75,000, giving him a total of £165,000!