Airplane Safety Instructions That Might Just Save Your Life

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Be honest: how many of you actually listen to the airplane safety instructions every time you fly? When you’ve been up in the air a few times, it feels like these instructions just become ingrained in you. Plus, those instructions just seem like common sense, right?

Airplane Safety Instructions – Ignored

As we’ve seen earlier this week when a British Airways plane caught fire on the Las Vegas runway just as the plane was about to take off, when your life is in danger common sense can desert you.

Passengers fleeing on the Vegas flight were spotted with hand luggage in tow, effectively holding up the safe and timely evacuation of others on-board the plane.

Whether you’re due to take a flight later today, or whether you’re yet to take to the skies, make sure to have a read of our airplane safety instructions. They might just save your life.

Wearing heels could be your worst idea ever

Airplane safety instructions tell you to take heels off if you have to evacuate the plane. We say, just leave them at home!

We get that you might want to look fashionable 30,000ft in the air when most people’s priority is to get a few hours’ sleep without having a wailing toddler in the seat next to them.

However, next time you slip into those heels before a flight, think again. If you have to evacuate, your heels might catch and rip the slide wide open. Best to leave those heels safely at home, we think…

Never stop to pick up your hand luggage

Passengers were photographed fleeing the burning BA jet with their hand luggage in tow
Credit: Jordan Masters

iPads, purses, and even passports can be replaced – human lives can’t.

Don’t be a selfish div and reach for your hand luggage in the overhead locker in the event of an emergency situation. Those 10 seconds spent unnecessarily reuniting yourself with your luggage could mean the difference between life and death for someone further behind in the queue.

Forget about your children until you’ve sorted yourself out

Airplane safety instructions repeatedly tell passengers to sort out their own air masks before they help others

Yeah it’s kind of counter-intuitive to leave your kid until you’re sorted with the air oxygen mask, but you’ll be of much more use to them alive than asphyxiated.

Getting your own air oxygen mask secured before you help anyone – kids, the elderly, disabled – is essential.

Check you actually have a life jacket before you take off

Life jackets: yeah, you probably want to make sure you actually have one

Not one they tell you in the airplane safety instructions, but it’s worth doing all the same. Sometimes people like to take weird souvenirs to remind them of those 12-odd hours of being stuck in a metal tube. When you sit down, have a quick below-seat fondle to check that you actually have access to a life jacket – just in case.

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