The Six Angriest Tennis Players of All Time

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Tennis is a ladies’ and gentlemen’s sport, except when rackets get smashed, linesmen get screamed at, and chair umpires fear for their lives. Some of the sport’s greatest players have tempers as hot, if not hotter, than their skills. Let’s take a look at some of the angriest tennis players in the game’s history.

6. Andy Murray

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A poster boy for frustration, Andy Murray has let many a match slip away out of self doubt. When things go south, Murray mumbles, scowls, and just gets all-around pissed, sometimes until the end of the match. During one match, he completely ignored a ball boy offering him a towel. He also lost his cool during a 2014 French Open match against Nikolay Davydenko, repeatedly screaming “no way!” when a ball was called out.