5 Times Gordon Ramsay Crushed Someone’s Soul

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There’s something so wrong (and yet so delightfully right) about Gordon Ramsay’s sardonic temper and wit. Watching this man destroy people is simply a glorious festival of schadenfreude. So get ready with those ice packs, because if you can’t stand the heat you’d best get out of the kitchen…

1) When he tore down Ben’s castle

angry gordon ramsay is the best

Season Five of Hell’s Kitchen wasn’t smooth sailing for anyone; particularly chef Ben Walanka who seemed to come to a head with Ramsay just about every episode. Perhaps the best moment of this rivalry was when Ramsay admitted to Walanka in front of his entire team: “You do seriously surprise me”. Ben replied with a tearful admission about how he was “hoping you’d see that” and he “gives it all he’s got… 110%”. Ramsay cut him off abruptly, “You surprise me with how shit you are.” Sorry, Ben; better find a medic for that burn.