18 Impossibly Cute Animals in Halloween Costumes

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While we love pumpkin carving and watching The Nightmare Before Christmas on repeat, there’s one thing we love even more about Halloween – and that’s cute animals dressed up in ‘scary’ outfits.

We recently got a huge dose of cuteness thanks to New York’s Halloween parade. The annual event is in its 25th year, and encourages owners and their dogs to dress up for the occasion. While participants have the opportunity to win thousands of dollars in prize money, we get something infinitely more satisfying: hundreds of adorable pictures of dogs. Yeah, we know who the real winners are here.

In honour of this incredible Halloween parade, we thought we’d offer a round-up of the greatest pictures ever of animals in Halloween costumes. You’re welcome.

1. This is one version of Freddy Krueger we definitely wouldn’t run from…

Animals in halloween costumes: Spot on colour scheme. Full marks, pig.
Credit: mirror.co.uk

2. Wait a minute, do ghosts have muzzles?

Animals in halloween costumes: We're trying to think of anything less terrifying than this. It's hard.
Credit: awesomelycute.com

3. We’re not fooled, this isn’t Donald Trump. This fella’s got far too more hair.

Animals in halloween costumes: A Donald Trump costume? Now that is terrifying.
Credit: theguardian.com