Redditors Are Sharing Their Simple Tips To Appear More Attractive

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Is it your New Year’s Resolution to bag yourself a new boyfriend or girlfriend? Then you might want to look at your posture, smile more, or even try switching up your outfits.

Well, that’s according to several Redditors who have been sharing their tips on how to make yourself “more attractive”. When we first saw this Ask Reddit, we were a little hesitant. After all, we’re all about accepting everything about us, warts and all. And also, we’re a little bit too lazy to change. But, as we read through some of the tips on how to appear more attractive, we actually thought some of these tips were quite handy. Many of them are actually easy ways in which we can improve our self-confidence, which is something we are all in need of at some point or another.

Some of the tips are so simple, yet so often overlooked. Just have a read for yourself!

How To Improve Your Self-Confidence (And Appear More Attractive)

“Put your damn shoulders back, have a confident walk, and don’t stare at the ground all the time as you walk. I’ve always been told these things by my parents and others.. I never really noticed how stupid it looks until I saw some people walking around my college campus with their head at a 90º angle to the ground while walking.” – red-bot

“Smile :)” – Ilovesnorcula

“Have interests or hobbies.” – chumothy

“Dressing a little nicer helps a lot. I’m usually just a T-shirt and jeans kinda guy, so when I do khakis and a button up, people usually take notice. Nothing too fancy, but it seems to have an effect.” – Ivedefinitelyreddit

How to appear more attractive: dress nicely!

“Make eye contact with people talking to you” – TownieMesiah

“Treat people the way you like to be treated, not based on who they are or how they look. Talk about subjects you feel comfortable about and know at least a bit about. Complimenting people on things other tend not to notice is also a great way to start but too much of it will make you look desperate for attention. Always having a smile on your face could help a lot too, it changes the mood in ways you never expect.” – Solid_Snake_021

“Pretend to be confident. Whether you have high self-esteem or not, other people seeing you confident is a definite +1. As a bonus, eventually you won’t have to pretend anymore.” – Skeletoonz

How to appear more attractive

“Aftershave / perfume. If a guy smells nice, I notice him.”  – EasyTigrr

“Switch things up. I’m usually a jeans and shirt kind of person. But when I put on a dress, or even a skirt, it not only gives me a little confidence boost to be wearing something out of my norm. But people tend to notice. That little confidence boost can be picked up on by other people.” – amandadarko

How to appear more attractive and improve your self-confidence

“Exercise, it improves your stress levels, and makes you look more relaxed, which makes you more approachable.” –  9to5ishardtosurvive

“Do things that broaden your horizons. Take something you do and do it bigger. Do things completely new. Go where you’re least comfortable. Do the opposite of what your gut tells you every once in a while.” – BuckminsterJones

How to appear more attractive: broaden your horizons!

“Ask questions about other people. One of the biggest turn offs for me is when people don’t ask questions about others. It gives me the impression that they are self-centered and don’t care about anyone else. Seriously…. ugh.” – Charlotka

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