Are You An Adult? Prove It With This Quiz

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Are you an adult? It’s a difficult question. One that probably can’t be answered with just words. You actually need to prove it. I mean, let’s face it. Being an adult is tough. I still don’t really know how to tie my shoelaces or even walk properly. So I can’t actually call myself a true out-and-out adult. You’re probably asking ‘how do I prove it then?’ Well, we’ll get to that in just a second.

In order to figure out where it all went wrong in our quest to become adults, me and a fellow writer spent quite a lot of time writing down all the ways we could prove we were adults. No, we didn’t cover that. It was more like Festivus at the Costanza household. We were talking airing of grievances and feats of strength, among many other things.

Are you an adult?
Are you an adult? Really?

Then we actually stopped messing around and had some coffee. Then we played a game of ping pong. Then we actually did some work.

So without much further ado, you can find the quiz on the next page. Go on, prove yourself, buddy boy.