16 Awkward Family Christmas Cards That Will Leave You Cringing

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Sure, tinsel and turkey is all well and good. But what we really love about Christmas is the awkward family Christmas cards. These are the best creations we’ve found from around the web:

1. Christmas, a la doggy style

I don’t get why they all look so surprised. Don’t they get how baby Jesus was born? Oh yeah, that’s right. Immaculate conception.

Awkward family Christmas cards
Source: therockstation99x.com/now-this-is-a-great-christmas-pic/

2. The worst thing to come out of a box since a stripper

We’re 99.9% sure that this family is completely made up of serial killers. Just saying.

Awkward family Christmas cards
Source: Pleated-jeans.com

3. We’re just speechless

Where do we start? The gawdy red and green Christmas accessories? The horrid bows? The creepy smiles? The dog’s eyes pleading with someone to rescue it? We’ll leave it there.

Awkward family Christmas cards