Bacon Is Just As Bad For You As Smoking

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Bacon. That sweet, crispy, porcine giver of joy that is good for just about anything. Bacon sandwich? Bacon burgers? Lady Gaga’s dress? Oh god, why am I writing this before lunch? And why am I a vegetarian?

But news has emerged that’ll send all bacon-lovers into a bit of a spin. According to a new report from the World Health Organisation (WHO, no, we’re not asking who, that’s what they’re called), bacon could be as big of a cancer threat to us as smoking. Let’s put this another way: bacon is not just bad for you. It’s really really bad for you. This could possibly be the worst news ever.

But that’s not where it ends. Because, it turns out that we can’t even turn to burgers and sausages during our time of sorrow. Yep, they’re just as bad too.

If bacon is bad for you, just think of all the diet changes we'll have to make!

Before we get too carried away and spend the day weeping into our keyboards, let’s take a closer look at the findings. The report, containing evidence reviewed by scientists from 10 different nations, states that processed meat is deadlier than first thought. In fact, it could be ranked as ‘carcinogenic to humans’ – which puts it on a par with alcohol, cigarettes, asbestos and even arsenic (sounds pretty over-dramatic to us). We could even start to see warning labels on packs of bacon in the supermarkets.

So, um yeah. Bacon is bad for you. Might be time to start weeping.

Tell it to us straight. What else does this report say?

Sorry, bro. It’s not looking good.

It’s previously been stated that eating a lot of red or processed meat can increase your risk of bowel cancer. But this new report is set to go a step further by saying that processed meat actually causes cancer.

So what is processed meat? Put simply, it’s meat that has been preserved by smoking, curing, salting or adding preservatives. That includes everything from ham and cured meat, to bacon, sausages and even pâté. Previously we’ve been advised to eat less than 70g of red and processed meat each day. However, the new report states that if we reduce this intake to 20g a day, almost 20,000 early deaths could be prevented in the UK each year. But will people really care that bacon is bad for you? Or is its call just far too strong?

Bacon is bad for you? Do we really care about this new research?!

Is there any good news?

Actually, there’s a glimmer of hope on the horizon. Red meat is only considered ‘probably carcinogenic to humans.’ So, yeah. Stock up on that while you can.

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