Postmen Who Got Creative With Their Parcel Deliveries

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This Yodel postman channeled his inner Santa

Just imagine. For one second. You’re a postman, and you have to deliver a parcel. Except, the house-owners aren’t in. You’ll have to leave the parcel somewhere; somewhere where it’s easy to see and easy for residents to reach. Tell you what, why not leave it on the roof? Yeah, that’ll work.

That’s just what this Yodel driver, Abdul, decided to do. Well, granted he was aiming for the open window. But when the parcel landed in the roof’s gutter, he quickly scribbled a note saying the parcel had been left in a safe location (“sorry top off your roof”) and legged it. Helpful.

Bad delivery service: The guy was trying for the open window, but instead got the roof...

Luckily, the parcel recipient saw the funny side of it. And the delivery driver apparently returned later with a ladder to get the parcel down. Ahhh, good guy Abdul.