Admit It, Black Friday Is The Worst

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Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and for normal people, that means getting to spend some much-needed time off with family and loved ones while stuffing our faces with food. But for the crazy among us, it means Black Friday is just around the corner. But before you start planning out your shopping for Black Friday, take a step back and contemplate just how awful this “holiday” really is. Soon enough, you’ll realize that Black Friday is the worst and that you should avoid partaking in it at all costs.

You Are Literally Risking Your Life

black friday is the worst because you're risking your life

First and foremost, understand that by participating in Black Friday shopping, you are literally putting your life at risk. Year after year, you can find stories on your local news stations about Black Friday shoppers who were literally trampled to death or within inches of their lives due to the sheer madness of this stupid holiday. Is a $200 no-name-brand television really worth dying for?