Black Sabbath Once Spent $75k In One Year On Cocaine

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Black Sabbath aren’t particularly known for their clean-living lifestyles. I mean, as much as we love him, you only have to take one look at Ozzy to see that they’ve had their fair share of drugs over the years. To be fair, past and present band members have been pretty open about their drug use. They’ve spoken of flying in cocaine by private plane. A drug-addled Ozzy once dragged a dead shark into a hotel room. And then, of course, there’s the famous bat-biting incident. Man, One Direction really need to up their game.

But now, bassist Geezer Butler has claimed that the English band once spunked $75,000 on cocaine – all in one year. Counting for inflation today, that’s almost $427,000. Or over £275,000. In other words, that’s a LOT of cocaine.

Black Sabbath and Cocaine: Nah, Ozzy never touched the stuff.

Let’s take a look at this in more detail. That’s roughly $18,750 of cocaine per person. Or $51 of cocaine per day for each musician. Do you know how many chocolate bars we could buy with that? Enough to make us super fat, that’s how many.

$427,000 would also be enough for us to do all the things we’ve ever dreamed of. Buy a house, for instance. Travel around the world in first class. Buy 20,000 cats. Pay off all our student loans. God we wish we had that much money to spend.

Tell us more about Black Sabbath and cocaine…

The year in question was 1972, back when the band were performing in their Master of Reality world tour. They were also busy recording their fourth album Volume 4, which band members have previously stated was plagued with issues – mainly as a result of their substance abuse issues.

Funnily enough, Volume 4 was originally supposed to be called Snowblind – all after their love of the white stuff. But, luckily, the record label wasn’t having any of that. We can’t imagine why…

Black Sabbath and cocaine: Yeah, they really liked the white stuff

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