Beckham In Awkward Love Triangle Drama

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Having inherited good looks from his famous parents, he’s hardly surprising that 16-year-old Brooklyn Beckham is causing a bit of a stir amongst the female population. Despite his tender age, much has already been written about the young star and his rumoured relationships. And, despite his tender age, he’s already had more relationship drama than we’ve had in the last decade. Oh to be the young, wealthy, gene-blessed child of two megastars…

Brooklyn Beckham girlfriend: The star is pictured with his famous family
Brooklyn (centre) with his famous family | Credit: Lia Toby/

This past weekend was just another such chapter in the romantic life of Brooklyn Beckham. Except, this time it had the potential to be super awkward.

Beckham’s awkward love triangle

To be fair, we’ve all been there. You’re out with your current beau and across the room you spot your ex. You panic. They panic. One of you dives into a plate of hors d’oeuvres.

This could have been an awful reality for Brooklyn on Saturday night when he was spotted leaving an LA gig with rumoured new girlfriend. The lucky lady in question is a 16-year-old French actress called Sonia Ben Ammar who first met Brooklyn on holiday in the Maldives earlier this year. So far, so showbiz. But what happened next I reckon we could all relate to. While leaving the LA gig, the couple almost bumped into Brooklyn’s ex-girlfriend Chloë Moretz. Awkward.

Brooklyn Beckham girlfriend: Sonia Ben Ammar is the young star's latest love
Sonia and Brooklyn | Credit: Maciel/AKM-GSI

The encounter would have been especially awkward because of how Brooklyn and Chloë’s ‘relationship’ fizzled out. Last year the two were said to be extremely close, with 18-year-old Chloë coyly responding to rumours with, “He’s a good person, I am enjoying hanging out with him!”

While the two looked set to become a power couple all teens could aspire to be, the relationship ended as abruptly as it had begun. In fact, the only clue we were given that their relationship was over was when the two unfollowed each other on Twitter. That’s so 2012, guys.

If we were Brooklyn (and y’know, not 10 years older than him and female), we would be thanking our lucky stars that we didn’t bump into Chloë. We’re sure Sonia’s a great girl, but c’mon. Do you really want to mess with Hit-Girl?

Brooklyn Beckham girlfriend: You don't want to mess with Hit Girl

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