Can You Guess This Week’s News from Emojis?

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From Nickelodeon announcing it’s looking to bring back some of our favourite TV shows, to everyone’s favourite old phone the Nokia 3310 celebrating its 15th birthday, we’re the first to admit it’s been quite the week for news.

It’s time to find out just how closely you’ve been listening to this week’s news with our quiz – and to make it just that little bit more difficult, it’s all in emoji form. Good luck!


Building, trophy, thumb down - can you guess the news from these emojis?


A boy sang to whales? What's going on here?


Bear, America and a snowflake - how do these three emojis fit together?


Dancing in a red dress on top of a TV with a broken heart?



A microphone and a crying face?

Scroll down for all the answers…





Answers: 1. London’s Walkie Talkie building was awarded the Carbuncle Cup for the worst building of the year | 2. Harry Styles caused a mass boycott of SeaWorld after a remark on stage | 3. President Obama flew out to Alaska to record an episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls| 4. The Strictly Come Dancing curse is set to continue after it was announced 2015 contestant Helen George split from her husband | 5. Justin Bieber cried at the VMAs after performing on stage