This Onesie With a Pocket For Your Cat Answers All Our Life Goals

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When I’m at home, all I want to do is spend time with my cats. Sometimes (but very rarely) they feel the same way about me too. And that’s when the magic happens. Hours spent in front of the TV together. Me tickling their little ginger ears. Them purring away in between bouts of sleeps and making biscuits. It’s bliss. Well, until this snuggle time is interrupted by my hunger pangs or a call of nature. God, being a human is so inconvenient sometimes.

Cat snuggles are the absolute best. And now they're even better with this cat onesie.

So that’s why when I cast my eyes on this cat onesie, all my cosy prayers were answered straightaway. No, it’s not a onesie for your cat. It’s a onesie that you wear, with a pocket up front for your feline friend to nestle down in the warm with you. Sweet mother of baby Jesus, take all my money. Immediately. 

This takes cat onesie to the next level.
credit: unihabitat

Sold by Japanese company (where else?) Uni Habitat, we’re guessing that the “Mewgaroo Jumpsuit” will probably sell out in the run-up to Christmas. Which is why we’re buying 200 now. Just in case. Available in a choice of black or white, the cat onesie also features paws, cat ears, pom poms and a tail – so you can pretend to be a cat yourself.#lifegoals

This cat onesie allows you to pretend you're a cat. Without being arrested.
Credit: unihabitat

But let’s go back to the most important feature of this cat onesie. The freakin’ fleece-lined pocket for your cat. It even has a drawstring so you can lock your cat away with you. Forever. What an absolute dreamboat of a garment.

The cat onesie allows you AND your cat to cosy up together.
Credit: unihabitat

And so now you can pretend to be their kangaroo mothers while you snuggle up together in your cat onesie. Could life get any better?

This cat onesie has made my life.
Credit: unihabitat

Oh wait, it can. Because the cat onesie also has a butt flap so you can go to the toilet without having to move your cat from the pocket. Think how many more snuggles you’ll be able to fit into your schedule!

A cat onesie. With a butt flap.
Credit: unihabitat

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