Celebs Behaving Badly: Surprising Stars Who’ve Served Prison Time

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Yeah, yeah so we’ve all heard about the standard Lindsey Lohan DUI charges and Paris Hilton cocaine stories, but what about those celebs whose crimes seemed to have slipped under the radar? Luckily for us, we have this wonderful thing called ‘the Internet’, which means that no misadventure ever gets swept under the rug.

Prepare yourselves for some real WHAAA?! moments as we reveal some unlikely celebrities who have served prison time.

Mark Wahlberg

Surprising celebrities who have served prison time
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Today he’s known as one of his generation’s most accomplished actors. However, life didn’t start off too well for Mark Wahlberg. When he was 16 he had to spend 45 days in prison after being convicted of beating a Vietnamese man with a wooden stick in the stree. He was charged with attempted murder and assault.

Michelle Rodriguez

At least celebrities who have served prison time get a nice mugshot for their portfolios, no?
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After violating her probation period for a DUI incident, Michelle was tossed in jail for 18 whole days. She also failed to go to her community service sessions, tut tut.

Jamie Waylett

Celebrities who have served prison time: this is what crime does to you :s
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Crabbe was in prison! Heck yes he was. The Harry Potter star and Draco Malfoy side-kick was arrested and served two years in prison for ‘violent disorder’ for his participation in the 2011 England riots. He was in posession of a ‘Molotov cocktail’, which I was shocked to find was not in fact an alcoholic beverage #naive. At least he stayed true to his Slytherin roots.

Robert Downey Jr.

Smiley celebrities who have served prison time are just the greatest
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After an illustrious history with substance abuse, our Iron Man was ironically put behind iron bars for a year after missing a mandatory drugs test.

Paul McCartney

The list of celebrities who have served prison time goes on...
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In 1980, the Beatles legend was arrested for having 8 ounces of marijuana in his suitcase at Tokyo airport. He spent ten days in prison for possession. All his troubles seemed so far away the day before…

Kiefer Sutherland

Celebrities who have served prison time can still look cool. Even in their mugshot.
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Another victim of DUI, Kiefer took his bad-boy Jack Bauer role too far when he ended up spending 48 days in LA jail. Drinking and driving is beginning to feel like a celebrity rite of passage…

Bruno Mars

Celebrities who have served prison time needn't lose their sense of humour. Just like Bruno, here.
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BRUNO?! Okay so he didn’t actually serve time, but he narrowly missed a jail sentence when he was caught in possession of drugs at a Las Vegas show. He was arrested in the toilets of the Hard Rock Cafe, but was able to come to a plea deal.

The best part of the story is that he couldn’t help but grin for his police mugshot. When asked about this, Bruno laughed and said, “I have no idea….it was a picture.” You know you’ve been a celebrity for too long when…

Lil’ Kim

Ah. Maybe not all celebrities who have served prison time look so happy...
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Lil’ Kim had one big problem when she lied in court. Ouch. The case was connected to a friend’s involvement in a shooting, but sadly the judge sent Kim away to prison for a grand total of one year and one day.

Ozzy Osbourne

Celebrities who have served prison time, or Wayne's World?
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Not too surprising tbh. Ozzy’s been arrested numerous times for crimes such as public urination and intoxication. However, the crime that actually put him behind bars happened waaaay back in 1966, when he stole £25 (which was worth a lot more than just a series boxset back then) worth of goods from a local shop. He didn’t have the money for the £40 fine that was issued, and his dad refused to front the money, so he was sent to serve three months in prison.

Shelley Malil

Some not so cool celebrities who have served prison time....
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On a more sombre note, the 40-Year Old Virgin actor was sentenced to life imprisonment after he was convicted of the ‘attempted premeditated assault and murder with a deadly weapon’. Fortunately, his ex-girlfriend survived, but it’s pretty shocking stuff. And now I’ve just completely ruined a fairly light-hearted post. Excellent stuff.


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