Hey Dude, I Think You Have a Cheese Problem

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I’ve always envisioned that my life would be better than this. All I seem to do all day is wake up, cut a bit of brie off, eat it, and go back to bed. If it’s not brie then it’s camembert, and if the price of camembert is too high from my guy, I go find another dealer. If I really have to, I’d settle for a gateway cheese, like a nice cheddar. But nothing’s been as good as that first hit of ossau-iraty, or my very first fresh goats’ cheese. Boursin does things to me that you can’t even imagine. Some days I don’t even use a knife. I just rub that Boursin all over my face, and right into my eyeballs. I need help. So I’m glad I’ve come across this news story about a cheese addiction study.

Cheese addiction study

Cheese Addiction Study?

Up until now I just thought that I had a problem that couldn’t be diagnosed. So I was glad to finally understand, and get some closure, when a friend alerted me to a new study that has been published. The brand new bit of research was published in the US National Library of Medicine, and sought to understand why some foods are more addictive than others. The sample size was quite small in the study, but identified some key trends in food addiction. Mostly, and most obviously, processed foods with high fat and carbohydrate content were often rated more addictive than non-processed, lower glycemic load foods. Topping the list of addictive foods, though, was pizza.

Cheese addiction study identifies pizza as being highly addictive

Pizza topping (sorry) the list doesn’t surprise us, because, what’s not to like? In the words of Joey Tribbiani: bread, good; tomato sauce, good; cheese, GOOD. The researchers actually indicated that pizza is not just addictive because of the high glycemic load and fat content, but also the presence of cheese into the mix. Cheese is really seriously addictive. It’s basically food crack. The reason is that cheese is overloaded with a protein called casein, which when being digested in the stomach, releases opiates called casomorphins.

Just to be clear. Cheese releases opiates. Why am I suddenly shaking? I’m gonna go meet my cheese guy under the bridge. Someone open a pack of grated cheese, stat.

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