Another Chinese Counterfeit as Chinese Obama Emerges

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China is a country known for producing a lot of different commodities, from electronics to furniture and everything else in between. But there seems to be a darker side whereby counterfeit goods are as valued as the brand-name products they imitate. Despite saying that, this story seems to be taking the whole counterfeit goods thing a step too far. Because they’ve just gone and created their own version of Barack Obama – a Chinese Obama, if you will. We know, why would need two of them? Well, maybe to push through some affordable healthcare, or to stop Americans from shooting each other. Or maybe it could have security benefits? Who really knows.

Who Is Chinese Obama?

Chinese Obama doesn't really look like Obama, does he?

Chinese Obama doesn't really look like Obama, does he?

Chinese Obama doesn't really look like Obama, does he?

Well take a look at Xiao Jiguo, and decide for yourselves whether or not he’s a doppelganger of Barack. We guess he sort of looks like Obama in some cases, but what on earth is going on with those whacky eyebrows. Also he’s a different height, weight, ethnicity. And, alright, he probably doesn’t look like the POTUS all that much. Which is a shame as he’s meant to be starring in a new film as a really dodgy gangster who just happens to resemble the leader of the free world. Oops.

The leaders of China and the USA are actually scheduled to meet this Friday to talk about cyber security, military and a whole host of other things. We doubt very much that Xiao Jiguo will actually be mentioned in that meeting, unfortunately.

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