It’s Time To Panic: Chocolate Is Running Out!

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WTF. Seriously.

Ok, let’s all just calm the hell down and talk through this like adults *bites lip*. It’s been reported that the cocoa plant is rapidly reducing in numbers. Which could mean the end of chocolate. I can barely type through my tears.


What the hell happened?!

The cocoa plant has been trying to battle off pests and disease, and devastatingly there’s been a lot of casualties along the way. The plants have been trying their best to survive through this plague of attackers, but sadly climate change isn’t helping and chocolate is running out.

Poor cocoa plant! We know our chocolate is running out but we'll save you. Promise!

Approximately half of the world’s chocolate comes from Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire. In a study of the growing areas, researchers have found that the steady year-by-year increase in temperature will have a significant negative effect on the plants. They estimate that the numbers of cocoa plants will ‘decrease quite seriously’, by the year 2050, affecting the amount of chocolate that the world will be able to produce.

But there is hope!

The good thing is that nobody wants this to happen. Mainly because of multi-billion dollar corporations that make their fortune from the chocolate industry, and the 6.5 million farmers who grow the plants in Asia, South America and Africa. And also because chocolate is what makes the world go round. But mainly the money thing.

Chocolate is running out, but this guy's got it all under control.

So in a bid to save this precious commodity, food companies are banding together to share the results of their research studies with others. They hope that by making the information public, they’ll all be able to pool their findings to fuel further research into how to save the plants, which will help everyone out. Ahh isn’t it nice when everyone sticks together.

I don’t mean to make you sad or anything but…

Just for a second….ONE second…imagine a world without chocolate.

No chocolate brownie

Chocolate is running out - a world without BROWNIE?

No Oreo stuffed cookie

Chocolate is running out - But I NEED my oreo-stuffed cookies!!

No chocolate fondue

Chocolate is running out - I can't even....

No Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice-cream

Chocolate is running out - NO, NOT B&J'S!

And most worryingly of all, no Nutella

Chocolate is running out. This is the WORST.

Terrifying. So let’s all use less deodorant, take public transport instead of drive, and do WHATEVER it takes to save our beloved chocolate.


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