Cholos Try Vegan Food For The First Time and It’s Hilarious

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So we got to our desk this morning and immediately had to be escorted out of the building. That’s because one of our friends sent us over this absolutely amazing video called ‘cholos try vegan food’ we sprayed coffee everywhere in response. To be honest, we absolutely lost it watching these guys try and figure out what it is they’re actually eating. It’s organic? It’s raw? I’m organic, I’m raw.

For those of you that don’t know what a cholo is, sit down because we’re about to educate you. The term, often a pejorative but sometimes affectionate, refers to a type of suburban Mexican man who wears khakis and ‘wife beater’ vests. More often than not they’ve also got tattoos and shaved heads. And sometimes they’re actually part of gangs and stuff. Naughty little rascals.

cholos try vegan food for the first time and it's hilarious

Alright, we can stop pretending to actually know what a cholo is. Thank you for saving us from the embarrassment, Urban Dictionary. You’re always there when we really need you.

Anyway, check out the video below. It’s starting to go viral and for good reason. These guys confuse kale chips for an illicit substance, and then try and figure out where they’ve heard the word kombucha before.

Cholos Try Vegan Food For First Time

In terms of future episodes we’d like to see…We reckon we need vegans trying out the cholo lifestyle. And also cholos trying really high-end sushi. And cholos trying Noma. And just a whole channel dedicated to following these crazy cat cholos as they travel the world figuring out whether what they’re eating is food or drugs. Oh the hilarity!

Someone make it happen please?

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