Watch These Girls Find Their New Adopted Brother Under The Christmas Tree

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One couple came up with the most adorable way to introduce their daughters to their new adopted brother – by letting them find him all wrapped up under the Christmas tree.

Let me just clarify: he was wrapped up in blankets. Not wrapping paper. We wouldn’t find this quite so adorable otherwise. But look at just how precious and content he looks under the glittering Christmas lights!

That' big Christmas surprise.

And, as we are in the age of social media, the three little girls’ reactions were caught on camera. And the video is just as cute as their little brother. Have a watch here:

The Story Behind The Christmas Surprise

Courtney Solstad and her husband adopted little Nathan into their family of five last week. Their three daughters were excited at the prospect of a looming adoption, but had no idea that it was all going to happen so soon. One of the girls, Chloe, even wrote for her Christmas wish this year: “for my mom and dad to have the baby they desire.”

The girls' reaction to their Christmas surprise is adorable
Source: Facebook, Court4jc

And it turns out that Chloe’s Christmas wish came true, albeit a few weeks before Santa’s big day. Baby Nathan was born on Wednesday morning, and just two days later he was welcomed into his loving new home.

The girls’ parents met them at the door, telling them they had been out Christmas shopping. They then said they had a gift to share, and it was waiting for them under the tree.

As the three girls find their little bro hanging out under the tree, they all gasp. Hands go up to their mouths, tears flow, and one even screeches, “I’m going to wet my pants!” And that’s just in the RiseFeed office…

One of the kids then starts jumping for joy, before the third tentatively asks: “Can I touch him?” Yeah, it’s fair to say this is one Christmas surprise these three won’t be forgetting any time soon.

This is one Christmas surprise this family won't forget any time soon
Source: Facebook, Court4jc

In a post on Facebook, their mum said that welcoming Nathan into their family has been “one of the most magical experiences in our lives.” She added: “Our little guy is so incredibly perfect.”

So far, the video has been viewed over 293,000 times, and shared almost 600 times.

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