Man Wins Award…And His Trousers Fall Down

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This isn’t an article from The Onion. Not at all. Actually it’s way better than that. This is a pure, unbridled hit of comedy gold from the fair country of Croatia. A human rights chief was collecting an award for his commitment to the cause from the country’s president, when at the most socially inopportune, but comedically apt, moment his trousers unfurled and descended from his rotund torso.

More About Cicak’s Trousers

croatian human rights cicak

You’ve got to feel for Ivan Zvonimir Cicak. Because, surely, the head of the Croatian Helsinki Committee for Human Rights has never had to encounter such a big social challenge. In fact, surely your trousers staying up when you’re receiving an award, and are in front of that many cameras, should be a fundamental human right too.

There is one silver lining, though. The award that Cicak was being presented was significantly large enough to cover up his private parts. Add to that the fact that the country’s president – Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic – didn’t seem to notice or react, and it sort of seems…okay?

But, to be honest with you, the only thing it had me wondering was…how?! How can your trousers just drop so randomly. Does it happen to him all the time? I’ve lived on this earth for 28 years and my trousers have never just fallen down. Not without me doing something to them, or getting completely the wrong size. And surely you’d check your trousers on securely before going to collect the award!

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