18 Confusing Optical Illusions That Will Play With Your Mind

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It was at the end of a long work day that we decided to put these confusing optical illusions all in one big post for you. Which was probably the worst idea ever, as our brains were already pretty fried by this point. We just wanted to come home and rest our eyes in a quiet room. But nope, we persevered.

The following confusing optical illusions include everything from 3D drawings to well-positioned items and movie scenes. But they’ve all got one thing in common: they seriously mess your brain up.

1. We’re pretty hypnotised by this

Confusing optical illusions: This is insanely well drawn.
Credit: tumblr.com

2. Where is the paintbrush going?!

Confusing optical illusions: We have so many questions
Credit: tumblr.com

3. Is that a horse’s tail, or a horse pooing out a coat?

Confusing optical illusions: This person's hair matches the horse perfectly
Credit: Imgur

4. My eyes will not agree with the caption…

Confusing optical illusions: Focus and you'll see it. OK, that's a lie. This is bloomin' confusing.
Credit: Imgur

5. This is probably the worst thing anyone could do to me

6. Huh. Who knew there was a giant 3D globe in Paris?!

Confusing optical illusions: Who knew this was in Paris?!
Credit: imgur.com

This is the same piece of grass from another angle.

7. Does this baby have one huge hand?

Confusing optical illusions: Great hand positioning...
Credit: Imgur

8. Whoever designed this is a MONSTER.

Confusing optical illusions: Whoever made this building is a monster
Credit: Imgur

9. Eddie Redmayne’s, um, leg…we think?

Confusing optical illusions: Is that Eddie's....leg?
Credit: Imgur

10. Even this cat can’t work out what’s going on

11. This is one single photograph, not four individual photos. We promise.

Confusing optical illusions: This is one unedited scene. Believe it or not...

Click here to see it from a different angle.

12. Um, what on earth is going on?

13. These balls don’t do what your eyes want them to do

Confusing optical illusions: Just which way are these balls going?
Credit: imgur.com

14. Is this a crocodile bursting out of the wall?

Confusing optical illusions: Impressive street art that we'd probably cry if we saw IRL
Credit: Imgur

15. A confusing shadow or a new kind of hovercraft?

Confusing optical illusions: We had to look twice at this one
Credit: Imgur

16. A girl in a lake…or a woman’s face?

(If you can’t see it at first, zoom out!)

Confusing optical illusions: This face is just playing with our minds, right?
Credit: Imgur

17. These four blocks are moving at the same constant rate

Confusing optical illusions: These four blocks are moving at the same rate
Credit: Imgur

18. And lastly, this cat…

Confusing optical illusions: Just what is this cat doing?
Credit: Imgur

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