Bad News: Your Gaming Now Costs Four Times As Much As It Used To

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There’s probably a fair few of us hoping to unwrap the latest Xbox One or PS4 on Christmas morning this year. But after these new stats from British Gas, we might have to think twice. According to their research, gaming is now four times as expensive as it used to be – which will not make our bank accounts at all happy.

The cost of gaming: worth it or not?

The Cost of Gaming

So just how has this figure come about? Well, the research takes into account the cost of electricity needed to power each console. Whereas the retro Mega Drives or Super Nintendos could be powered for just £11 each year in the 1990s, modern consoles such as the Xbox One cost considerably more. Up to £43 a year, in fact! Which is practically the cost of a single game. And it’s also more than it would cost to run a fridge over 12 months!

What’s more, for each £1 of electricity used for your Xbox one, you’d only get 22 hours of play. Compare that to the ’90s when £1 of gaming would get you 49 hours, and it’s clear that our favourite indoor hobby (well, second favourite…) is fast getting out of hand.

The Cost of Gaming

Why Should We Care About This Report?

It’s a UK-centric report, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t all sit up and take notice. While other modern household appliances, including fridges, use less energy than they did 20 years ago, the cost of powering games consoles continue to rise. There’s definitely a gap in the market for an eco-friendly, low-energy console. Can it be done? Time will tell.

It’s also important when you take into account the cost of gaming as a whole. Consoles are getting considerably more expensive (an Xbox One will set you back anywhere between £240 and £400). The latest games can cost you £50++. And that’s before you take into account purchasing any add-ons, accessories, internet access and membership. It’s a ridiculously expensive hobby to have. On the other hand, opting for a night in playing games will (nearly) always end up cheaper than a night out with mates. Every cloud, right?

But it makes us think: what will be next? With consoles becoming twice as expensive to run, will it soon become a completely unattainable hobby? Maybe we should all go back to the days of the Gameboy and be done with it?

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