This Japanese Cover of Smooth Criminal Is Amazing

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So, you call yourself a Michael Jackson fan, eh? Well we bet you’ve never heard his music sounding anything like this before. This cover of Smooth Criminal has been going viral over the past few days for a very good reason. It’s really awesome! A professional bamboo-flute player named Yoshimi Tsujimoto is responsible for this funky instrumental that blends the classic melody with Japanese sounds.

This Cover of Smooth Criminal Is Amazing

Alongside Yoshimi, there’s a band of koto players who pluck out the main riff as she hits the more melodic notes. You’re probably asking, what the hell is a koto? Well, if you’re not familiar with it then here’s a little history coming your way. The traditional Japanese instrument, that bears a resemblence to a classic Chinese zheng or a Mongolian yatga, is a flat-lying stringed instrument that’s widely considered the national instrument of the land of the rising sun. Most versions of the instrument have thirteen strings and thirteen moveable ‘bridges’, and the musician must pluck the strings to evoke a harp- or guitar-like sound. In Yoshimi’s cover of Smooth Criminal you can also hear the strings being slapped to imitate the sound of a drum being played. We could listen to this track over and over again.

More of Yoshimi’s Music

See, we weren’t lying! That cover of Smooth Criminal is amazing, right? Well if you’re interested in hearing more of Yoshimi’s music then we’ve added a further video below. It’s a more traditional sound, but one that’s really soothing. We’ve got you hooked now, haven’t we?

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