Some of The Craziest GoPro Stunts Ever

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Since the GoPro hit store shelves in 2004, athletes, daredevils, and average joes have filmed just about death-defying stunt you can imagine. Videos of base jumping, racing against an avalanche, a dog running around the house (you know you’ve recorded it) have gone viral across the internet, and time will only bring wilder, more outrageous stunts to the mix. We’ve collected four of our favorite craziest GoPro stunts for your viewing pleasure. These videos left us speechless, with the exception of five words: Don’t try these at home.

Wingsuit High Five

Starting off our list is what may be one of the craziest GoPro stunts ever. Two daredevils concocted an insane challenge atop the majestic French Alps. One holds up a bright green hand attached to a pole while the other straps on a wingsuit, dives off a cliff, and glide along the ground at blistering speeds in an attempt to deliver an explosive aerial high five. Did they pull off this ridiculous stunt? And did they both make it out safely? Brave the air currents and watch their adventure for yourself.