Is This The Cruelest Way To Dump Someone?

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Picture the scene. It’s Halloween. You find out your long-term girlfriend has been cheating on you. For well over a month. What would you do? Would you have it out with her there and then? Or would you come up with the most elaborate and convoluted dumping technique over the next three weeks?

Well. No prizes for guessing which route this guy chose.

Is this the cruelest way to dump someone?
Credit: beanyneilpudsey

Is this the cruelest way to dump someone?

This unnamed guy posted a video to YouTube which has so far been seen over 5.6 million times. In it, the man talks his ‘viewers’ through his elaborate plan to break up with his girlfriend – by convincing her that he’s about to propose to her.

Greeting her as she walks through the front door, the guy encourages her to follow the romantic trail of candles upstairs. When she reaches their bedroom, decorated with potpourri and glitter, she is handed several envelopes.

Is this the cruelest way to dump someone?
Credit: beanyneilpudsey

His girlfriend is then led to believe that her boyfriend is whisking her off to see the Northern Lights the next day. But as she reads out the final note, it all becomes clear: she’s been found out.

Watch the full video here (or just skip to 7:11 in order to just see the stunt itself):

Do you feel sorry for the woman?

So far, there’s a bit of a debate brewing on the internet. While some think the guy was perfectly justified in dumping his girlfriend in this way, others think it was completely disproportionate to what she did. After all, she was even forced to wear reindeer antlers for added humiliation. No one deserves that. And then, of course, you’ve got people like my manager who just say it’s completely fake. What do you think?

It’s unclear why the man in question decided to video the humiliating break-up. He implies it’s for insurance policies, in case his girlfriend decides to accuse him of wrecking the house or keeping the key. But to then post it onto YouTube for everyone to see? We’re not sure how to feel about that…

What do you think? Is this the cruelest way to dump someone? Let us know in the comments below.