Man Frees Crow Stuck In Fence – And What Happens Next is Adorable

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It’s stories like this that restore our faith in humanity. And it also helps when they have some cute viral pictures to go along with it. It also makes us kind of jealous that we’ve yet to find an animal to rescue to become our own new BFF. We could be like Jenny from Oliver & Company. Except without all that annoying kidnapping and stuff.

The Story of a Man and His Crow

This adorable story begins with a crow stuck between the slats of a fence.

What happens when you rescue a crow from a fence? These cute viral pictures!
Credit: Imgur/mrpatata

Thankfully, Shane Keegan, from Ireland, noticed the crow stuck in his garden fence – and managed to wrestle him free.

These cute viral pictures are being shared all over the internet - and it's not hard to see why
Credit: Imgur/mrpatata

And thus begins the story of a man and his crow. First, Keegan made the bromance official by naming the crow Russell (classic). Russell was then treated to a little towel bed, some tuna, and a flutter around Keegan’s garden shed.

The cute viral pictures continued with these shots of Russell chillin'
Credit: Imgur/mrpatata

But all good things must come to an end; and this story is no different. When Russell was back on his feet, he returned to his glorious skies.

It looked like the cute viral pictures were at an end when Russell flew off into the sunset

Fly high, sweet prince.

…Except this story doesn’t quite end here. Oh no. Just when Keegan was about to forget his old BFF, Russell returned to say thank you – but this time it was with a few of his own feathery friends. And apparently more and more of the crows have started hanging around Keegan’s backyard. Sounds like they definitely know a friend when they see one.

The cute viral pictures continued when the crow returned with a few of his own mates
Credit: Imgur/mrpatata

The story was recounted in Snapchat form on Imgur by mrpatata, and has since been viewed almost 300,000 times. It also comes with a equally cute message from the poster, who said: “I’d like to think everything from insects to humans deserve to live, so if you see something that needs help you should help.”

What a hero.

The posting of the story also prompted other Imgur users to share their own stories of animal friendship. One user, TheDoctor781, said: “My neighbor helped a crow that hit his window. The thing always stayed on his shoulder and flew behind him during bike rides.”

And another poster, vidosic, said: “I helped a baby magpie back to its nest once and have never been swooped by one in my neighborhood [sic] since.”

Dear God that is cute. Now…where can I get a crow from?

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