Cyclist v Taxi: Whose Side Are You On?

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Let’s talk about road rage. It’s such an extreme, but commonly felt, emotion. One that’s felt irrespective of whether you’re a lowly pedestrian, a hipster on a fixie bike, or Clarkson-loving speedster who still drives a VW Polo because they’ve literally just passed their test but still work at B&Q. In fact, I reckon that you can belong to any cohort or demographic and I bet you’ll have experienced at least one bout of road rage in the past few months. Even if your name isn’t Ronnie Pickering, there must’ve come a time when someone has done something to get you all riled up. Well, if they haven’t, then get ready to read about the cyclist v taxi debate to get you ready for war.

Cyclist v Taxi

I’m sure you can all relate to this cyclist v taxi incident that’s been captured on film. It takes place on Edgware Road – that’s in London for our Yank followers – around May this year. But the cyclist has just uploaded it onto YouTube where it’s starting to go viral. Despite it appearing to be quite clear-cut, commenters on YouTube can’t seem to agree on who is at fault. The incident, and ensuing drama, was captured by the cyclist, and shows him trying to undertake a black (but painted red) cab on a left-turn. Watch the video below:

Who’s To Blame?

So the crux of argument that claims that the cyclist was at fault centres on the fact that the cab driver was already signalling that he was turning left when he was in front of the cyclist, so it was ultimately his right of way. However, a lot of people think that’s only half of it. Because, in their opinion, the driver should’ve been observing movement in his wing mirror to perceive that there was an incoming cyclist. Which, to us, sounds like such a lame excuse. It should just be the case that cyclists should never undertake and enter a driver’s blind spot. It’s a reckless move, right? You probably don’t even agree.

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