The Internet Is Going Crazy Over This Dancing Mexican Priest

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So there we were, having a look through the top news stories on our morning commute. And, without going into too much detail, it’s all looking a bit grim really, isn’t it? Why can’t everyone just get along? Anyway. That’s when we saw this video of a dancing Mexican priest. Now, bear with us. It doesn’t sound like anything that grand. But anything that brings a smile to our face has got to be good, right?

The video, uploaded to YouTube just a few days ago, features a Mexican priest. Dancing along to his congregation’s rendition of ‘Alleluia’. Seriously, why was church never this exciting when we were younger? The dancing Mexican priest has captured the heart of internet users across the world. He’s even been awarded his own nickname of “Lady Padre.”

Take a look at the video here:

Lady Padre, the Dancing Mexican Priest

Pretty adorable, right? The two-minute video was taken by one of the priest’s parishioners on their phone, hence the pretty terrible quality. But through all the pixels, what we see genuinely warms the cockles of our heart. The smiling Lady Padre whips his white and red habit back and forth, swirling in time to the music in full view of his audience. He makes us feel a bit dizzy. And a bit exhausted. How does he manage to keep going for so long?

Nevertheless, his moves are infectious, and before long his congregation is up on their feet, throwing their own shapes on the church floor and waving their flags around. And at the end the priest claps along to the cheering crowd, and we all fall in love with him just that little bit more.

This dancing Mexican priest has captured the heart of internet users all over the world
Credit: CEN | Yeah, he really goes for it

While some people have accused the priest of being drunk, or just one massive fraud, his church in Monterrey, the capital of north-eastern state Nuevo Leon in Mexico, has had the final word. A spokesman has said that the priest is absolutely delighted people were enjoying his enthusiasm for life and religion. D’aw. You keep on rocking, Lady Padre.

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