You’re Lucky You Survived These Dangerous 90s Toys

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In a decade packed with strange and delightful toys, from the gummy bugs that emerged at skin blistering temperatures from a Creepy Crawly oven to the “only stretchy to a point” Stretch Armstrong (neither was awful enough to secure a place on this list), these 5 toys stand above the rest as the absolute worst toys from the 90s. From the frankly weird to the downright dangerous (hello, LawnDarts), some of us are lucky we survived childhood. We’ve gathered a list of the most dangerous 90s toys and asked a very important question – just what were our parents thinking?


lawndarts dangerous 90s toys

Big metal spike. Check.

Plastic fins for added speed and weight. Check.

Aerodynamic design. Check.

A record number of puncture, piercing and traumatic injuries. Check.

If you are trying to design a high-stakes game that appeals to risk takers of all ages, then your resulting toys might look something like this:

In a typical game of LawnDarts, teams paced off a set number of steps (kind of like you would for a duel) and then hurled these sharp, potentially lethal oversized darts at one another. The idea was to get your darts inside a scoring circle, but what happened more often was the maiming of one or more of your competitors.

While LawnDarts are technically more of an 80s toy (they were actually banned in the USA in 1988), their durable construction and longevity meant they continued to make appearances year after year through the 90s as well.