These 10 Amazing Photos Show A Mundane Day In The Life Of Darth Vader

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We all know Darth Vader as the villain of Star Wars, hell-bent on galactic domination. But these latest images, from a Reuters photo essay, show Vader in a new light – as a homebody content with walking the dog, embroidering pyjamas and chilling in the evening with some cuddly toys and a trashy novel.

OK, so it’s not the Darth Vader we’ve come to know and love. It’s actually Darth Mykolaiovych Vader, a Ukrainian citizen who officially changed his name in October when he ran for mayor of Odessa, a city to the south of the country. Sadly, he didn’t win (he came 15th out of 42 candidates.) But he did have a campaign team made up of stormtroopers, so we think we know who the real winner is here.

These revealing images show that the Ukrainian Darth Vader is just like you and I. Except with a cooler work outfit and better embroidery skills.

Vader’s day starts with ensuring his hair is entirely on point.

Ukrainian Darth Vader is shown getting ready in the morning
Source: Valentyn Ogirenko / Reuters

And then he’s got to get everything all up out of his grill. With the use of his trusty toothbrush, of course.

Ukrainian Darth Vader starts off his day with a quick clean of his grill
Source: Valentyn Ogirenko / Reuters