EastEnders Fans Were Given a Shock Last Night…

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Eagle-eyed EastEnders fans might have spotted something a little different in last night’s episode…

Remember Denny Rickman? The blonde-mopped little shit devil child of Sharon and Phil? Well, they’ve only gone and replaced the actor – and a few hours after the episode aired ‘Denny’ was trending on Twitter as fans took to the micro-blogging site with some hilarious reactions.

Both Sharon and new Denny look bloody confused about what's going on Sharon's had a lot on her plate at the moment – has she simply forgotten what Denny has looked like? Viewers haven't seen Denny for months. Has he just been playing video games all this time? Is new Denny an imposter? Denny's basically turned into Wayne Rooney. Flipping hell. That was one heck of a haircut, Denny. God, Ben. Can't do anything right. Ahh, that's not entirely fair, Phillip. At least new Denny is a boy. We think.

Even though EastEnders announced earlier in September that they would be recasting the role of Denny, the casual appearance of the new actor still took viewers by surprise. Now played by Bleu Landau, it seems like the casting directors have gone for a more Mitchell-man (not to be confused with the Michelin Man) look. Cropped hair? Vague tough-boy look? Check, check. Looks like little Denny is getting well set-up for his first inevitable on-screen murder.

It’s not the first time a child actor has been replaced on EastEnders. In fact, it’s pretty common. Harry Reid is the fifth person to play Ben, the oldest son of Phil Mitchell, while Bobby Beale is currently on his fourth incarnation, played by Eliot Carrington.

The adults aren’t safe from a spot of recasting either. When the insipid Martin Fowler returned to screens in 2014, gone was the recognisable face of James Alexandrou, who famously played the character for 11 years. In his place was actor James Bye who finally saw sense and dumped Sonia Jackson.

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