5 of the Most Disgusting University Initiation Rituals

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If you haven’t yet heard, I’m going to have to break it to you, I’m sorry. But I’d recommend you sit down, stop eating and get a bucket on stand-by just in case you feel like regurgitating your lunch.

A former Conservative Party donor, Lord Ashcroft, has put pen-to-paper to write an unofficial biography for current PM David Cameron. In it – *braces self* – Ashcroft alleges he has seen photographic evidence that Cameron put a ‘private part of his anatomy’ (yup, his peen) into a dead pig’s mouth.

We’ll just let that sink in for a second.

Disgusting university initiation rituals: Hameron featured with an ex. Potentially.
(Not actual pig)

Cameron made the move on the pig as part of a initiation ritual to join Piers Gaveston, a dining society at Oxford university. And, while we can’t say we ever encountered anything so gross while we were at university, our interest was instantly piqued. Just what other disgusting university initiation rituals are there?!

Swallowing live goldfish

Disgusting university initiation rituals: could you eat this face? COULD YOU?

Could you swallow this adorable little face?

Drinking society members at Cambridge University certainly could. Back in 2009, students had to swallow a pint of water containing a live goldfish, and then save it by throwing it back up. At least the fish would have forgotten the ordeal within 2 seconds…

Nazi dress-up

Disgusting university initiation rituals: being led through the streets by a guy dressed as a Nazi...cool.
Credit: BBC

If there’s one thing that Prince Harry has taught us, it’s that dressing up as a Nazi in public is never a good idea – it’s just a shame these University of Gloucestershire students didn’t get that memo. A group of students with bags over their heads were led through the streets by another student, dressed up in a Nazi-style uniform. While the leader encourages the students to drink, many of them were filmed falling to their knees and throwing up. Lovely.

Drinking each other’s vomit

Disgusting university initiation rituals: Yep, this is exactly what we want to do too.

Probably not the best thing for me to write about just before lunch…

Students at Swansea University wanting to join the football team were tasked with what’s probably the grossest thing on this list: downing a can of beer, then a bottle of wine, then throwing up into a bucket. They then had to swap vomit buckets and drink each other’s sick. Not only that, they then had to arm wrestle each other. The punishment for the person who lost? They had to, uh, “suck a fart out of each other’s arses”.

Covering your private bits in super-spicy sauce

Disgusting university initiation rituals: Would you cover your bits with this? I totes wouldn't.

Guys wanting to join a male-only drinking club at Cambridge uni have a long line of tasks to do in order to be initiated. But the worst bit is one of their other traditions which involves covering their private parts in Dave’s Insanity Sauce. Formerly holding the title of the ‘world’s hottest sauce’, the sauce isn’t something you would want anywhere near your nether-regions…It makes us want to cross our legs for all eternity.

Kissing an eel

Disgusting university initiation rituals: Gizza kiss

As far as disgusting university initiation rituals go, this one makes us feel a bit nauseous. As part of a football club initiation at the University of Exeter, students were forced to kiss a dead conger eel…called Colin. As grim as it sounds, you could argue that Colin got off (no pun intended) pretty lightly compared to Cameron’s pig…


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