Dog Emojis? Yes Please

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The Dogs Trust, the largest charity of its kind in the UK, has today released an exclusive dog emoji keyboard to commemorate National Dog Day. More than 20 of the most popular breeds of canine are included, and the charity hopes that their efforts will help highlight that there are plenty of pups out there in desperate need of a new home.

“As the UK’s largest welfare charity, we have a responsibility to ensure all are fairly treated, and represented, in both the digital and real world. We’re delighted to launch Dogs Trust emoji which will allow us to celebrate the wonderful variety of our UK population in a fun and creative way.”

– Adrian Burder, Dogs Trust UK

The keyboard can be downloaded on iOS and Android and can be used across applications and websites. The charity are hoping to utilise the power of social media to ensure that awareness is raised on the pressing issue of canine welfare. They are man’s best friend, after all.

Almost all of our favourite breeds are included in the list of emojis, including an unbelievably wrinkly sharpei and an achingly cute pug. Take a look at the keyboard to see if your favourite type of pup is included, and spread the word for this great cause.